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Three cabins:

  • 1 double cabin,
  • 2  twin (some models offer 2 double cabins, three double cabins is not possible) all with en-suite shower and electric flush toilets,
  • 2 steering positions,
  • generator and/or shore supply providing 220 V,
  • saloon with split galley with 2 fridges, microwave, air conditioning and internal steering,
  • aft sun deck with second steering position.
One week in 2019 Price
up to  19/04
& from 05/10
20/04 - 26/04
& 28/09 - 04/10
27/04 - 31/05
& 21/09 - 27/09
01/06 - 20/09 3100€


Security deposit = 1650€
Hourly navigation rate/Fuel = 9€/per hour
Bike = 40€
BBQ = 25€

To enjoy a canal or river cruise, you can rent the boat Euroclassic 139 in Burgundy and on the Canal du Midi.

For further information and prices click here or choose one of the regions below. Linssen FR



Burgundy canal & Nivernais

The Canal du Nivernais, Canal du Bourgogne and the River Yonne present a beautiful watery path through valleys whose reputation is distinguished for the world-class white wines, the likes of Chablis grand cru, produced from its vineyards. Fabulous cathedral cities and quiet medieval villages set...

Canal du Midi

When you choose Canal du Midi boating holidays, you’re set to savor the slow easy pace of travel past lush vineyards in the heart of the Languedoc wine region. You can enjoy wine tasting, cycling, and sightseeing at medieval villages and ancient fortress cities all the way from bustling...



Average customer grade :

Stay from 27/09/2014 to 04/10/2014

  • Comfort : 3/5
  • Propreté : 3/5
  • Commentaire : Piloting the boat was extremely difficult. I am a professional boat pilot. I am a licensed merchant mariner in the USA and I hold the German “Sportseeshiffer” certificate as well. I have been employed for years piloting harbor launches. So, when I say that the barge was difficult to pilot I am speaking with some authority. The prop is located closer to amidships rather than the stern, and there are no bow thrusters. A turn to port or to starboard would cause the stern to move in the opposite direction which was a real problem when close to the bank of the canal. On several occasions low hanging tree branches swept the stern area nearly pushing people overboard. We had 3 men aboard but only I was able to keep the barge on a straight course. This required constant attention. If I diverted my attention for even a few short seconds, I would lose the “sweet spot” and have to make a series of quick and long wheel turns to get back on track. How a normal, inexperienced vacationer could deal with piloting this barge is beyond my comprehension. I hope this feedback is useful to you, Phil Blaisdell

Average customer grade :

Stay from 14/06/2014 to 21/06/2014

  • Comfort : 4/5
  • Propreté : 4/5
  • Commentaire : We has some problems with 'Tilly' requiring 2 engineer visits. The first was an engine problem resolved by the engineer disconnecting the alarm having first checked it was safe, the second was a generator fault with a broken fan belt which the engineer was unable to fix due to unavailability of the part. 2 of the 5 batteries required replacing causing poor fridge performance when not running the main engine or on shore power. The fly screen was missing from the forward cabin roof window and the extractor fan in the forward bathroom did not work, but these were not of any real concern. If it had been hotter the broken generator meaning no air conditioning and fridge problems would have been of major concern but we managed. On a positive note we got a discount on our running cost for the inconvenience and had a lovely holiday due to great company.

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