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Savoir Vivre

8 berths

Burgundy canal & Nivernais ?

From $26,000 for a charter of 6 people.

Unlike other barge hotels, the Savoir Vivre is not a conversion of a redundant commercial barge. She is a brand new ship.
She is a modern, efficient, purpose built ship specifically designed to cater for eight sophisticated, comfort-seeking travelers.
She is also equipped with modern hotel-like amenities such as digitally controlled air conditioning, coordinated decor & lighting and hot water circulation (providing instant hot water) and powerful showers.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms...
Each of Savoir Vivre's four cabins boast:

  • full convertibility from twin to queen beds.
  • electronically adjustable beds, orthopedic memory foam mattresses, sumptuous decor, ample storage, digital climate control, fresh air fans, full height mirrors and a desk & chair.
  • bathrooms with heated towel rails, heated mirrors, zero step wet floor showers with custom glass enclosures and storage.
  • full size windows! This is because the bedrooms are all above water.

Salon, Dining, Kitchen and Fore-deck...
Savoir Vivre takes a innovative approach to her layout, which makes her exceptionally space efficient and pleasant to be on:

  • Her salon opens out onto the fore-deck by means of unique quad opening front doors which gives a wonderful open plan inside/outside space.
  • One wall of the salon conceals a beautiful solid cherry wood kitchen with Siemens/ Miele appliances. When not it use it is covered to give the appearance of wood paneling. Guests are at liberty to help themselves to anything, anytime.
  • The salon area converts in moments to a wonderful dining space. This means that a dedicated dining room doesn't lay wasted when not in use. With the front of the ship opened up onto to the fore-deck, there are few places nicer to enjoy lunch.

The Savoir Vivre is designed to be as accessible as possible to those who are less mobile:

  • Her unique V-Shaped hull means that she can be moored directly next to the canal side.
  • Her uniquely low fore-deck means the ship is uniquely safe to get onto and off of in locks as you simply step off the ship when the ship is stationary and before the lock is operated.
  • Once aboard (two steps) all main areas of the ship are on one level. There are no steps whatsoever including the showers which have a wet floor design. NOTE: There are three treads up to the wheelhouse and aft deck which must be managed at one mooring.
  • The electrically adjustable beds mean that sitting up is a button-push.

There's more!
Look carefully and you'll notice a second deck on the back of the ship. 

  • Having two decks gives you the opportunity to spend time alone or in private with others, splitting the deck spaces over two areas makes this possible.
  • Regardless of the orientation of the ship or the time of day you will always find warm sunshine or peaceful shade.
  • It's quite exciting back there when the ship is underway! 

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