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Poděbrady  is  a health spa resort  in the  Nymburk  district in Bohemia, located in the Elba plain, 50 km (30 miles) east of Prague. It has a population of around 14,000, and a similar number of patients visit annually to take the waters. The name of the town derives from the Czech word  “podebrady”  (“below the ford”), as a reference to an ancient passage under the Elba. For over a century,  Podebrady  has been one of the most important spa resorts in Bohemia. It crucially owes its status to its  unique springs, , even climate and pleasant environment along the banks of the Elba River. The  prominentPodebradka  spring is renowned to cure disorders of the circulatory system ; it is commonly agreed that «  Podebrady  makes hearts beat  » ! The town offers a number of luxury hotels featuring full spa facilities and services. You may also consider only traditional therapeutic care, but also more bespoke services such as chocolate body wrap or honey or caramel massage !

To see  : 
- Poděbrady Castle
- Golf course
- Spas
- Kutná Hora listed by the UNESCO World Heritage 

- Kutná Hora listed by the UNESCO World
- The Knights’ castle

bateau Podebrady