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Tyn Nad Vltavou

Czech Republic (FPP)

Landlords:  SP   PRAHA  s.r.o

Head office:  Komunard_  45, CZ - 170 00  Praha  7 –  République   Tchèque

Base : Pod Kostelem , 223, CZ 375 01 Tyn Nad Vltavou - République Tchèque
Contact GPS : 49.2224836 x 14.420873000000029

Tel : 00.420 604 870 192       Fax  : 00.420 281 930 708       e-mail  :

Chef de base:  Jan  Hruby

Nearest distances:
Shops: 300 m

Technical Assistance 7/7 from  9am  to  19pm .
Permanent staff speaking:  CZECH - ENGLISH –GERMAN– RUSSIAN


Whether you stay for the weekend, a week or longer, there will always be something to visit and discover. Leaving Kralupy you can arrive in  Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe ( 5hours of navigation). From there you have the choice of visiting the town on foot or remaining aboard and enjoying the unique view of the  Prague Castle (UNESCO World Heritage Monument) that you have from your houseboat. From whichever direction you arrive, as you navigate on the  Vltava River , you can admire the remains of historic Prague. Upon leaving Prague behind you, you will set out on a no-less-interesting route: you can navigate through a very pretty countryside and deep locks which traverse a scenic steep-sided valley and leads to the Stechovice dam. You can also visit the reservoir, the beautiful Lake Slapy .

The route to the north is just as enchanting. In addition to Nelahozeves Castle, you can visit the nearby castle at Veltrusty . From there you can continue along the Horin Canal to the junction of the Vltava and Labe rivers where you will arrive in the historic and royal city of Melnik . This charming city lies at the heart of the Czech wine region. It is possible to traverse the vineyards for many kilometers while continuing your journey north to  Ústí nad Labem .  The trip through the Czech foothills is fascinating as the Labe river enters the Porta Bohemica valley and starts to form picturesque loops... Another possible route is to head upstream on the River Labe , by doing so you can visit the pilgrimage temple of Stará Boleslav and the very famous city of  Podebrady
Overall there is about 300km of waterways at your disposal which offer you many opportunities to discover  many remarkable monuments depicting the history of Czech Republic

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