Czech Republic (FPP)

nábřeží J. Rysa 831
CZ 278 01 Litomerice   nad Vltavou
Czech Republic

Team speaks Czech, English, German and Russian.

Shops and restaurants near the port.


It matters not whether you stay for the weekend, a week or more, you will always find enjoyment from Litomerice . Within only 5 hours of sailing, you will reach Prague,  one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.
You can walk around the historical town centre or, from your boat, enjoy the unique sight of the Prague Castle (UNESCO World Heritage classified). Whichever way you arrive on the Vltava river, you will be struck by the remains of history. You will the leave Prague behind you, and follow a no less interesting course : you will travel across lovely landscapes, go through deep locks, and towards the Štechovice dam through a lovely steep valley. You may also reach the dam on theoutstanding Slapy lake .
Travelling north will be as delightful ! In addition to the Nelahovenes Castle, you may also visit its neighbour in Veltrusy . Then, you will follow the Horin canal up to the confluence point of the Vltava and Labe rivers, and reach the royal and historical town of  Melník . This delightful city is at the heart of the Czech vineyards. You will actually be travelling northwards through those vineyards for miles, and reach  Ústí nad Labem . Passing through the medium-high Czech mountains is captivating : the Labe river enters through the Porta Bohemica valley, and starts meandering through picturesque loops… 
Another possible itinerary : travelling upstream the Labe river. Following this path, you will be able to visit the Stará Boleslav pilgrimage and the notorious Podebrady spa resort. This represents the best part of 300 km (185 miles) of inland waterways at your disposal, and offers you the opportunity to discover numerous outstanding monuments revealing the history of the Czech Republic…

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