Here are some cruising suggestions : 

- Fürstenberg , Templin , Fürstenberg  
60 km, 10 locks, 9 hours

Week-end 3 days
- Fürstenberg , Rheinsberg , Neustrelitz , Fürstenberg  
110 km, 12 locks, 18 hours

One week
- Fürstenberg , Himmelpfort , Lychen , Templin , Zehdenick , Fürstenberg  
204 km, 20 locks, 22 hours
- Fürstenberg , Neustrelitz , Rheinsberg , Mirow , Fürstenberg  
193 km, 20 locks, 25 hours 
- Fürtsenberg , Templin , Zehdenick , Berlin, Potsdam (license compulsory)
170 km 16 locks, 25 hours 
- Potsdam, Wannsee , Berlin, Köpenick , Potsdam (license compulsory)
180 km, 10 locks, 30 hours 
- Potsdam, Werder , Caputh , Ketzin , Plauer‐ und Breitlingsee , Potsdam (license compulsory)
140 km, 2 locks, 25 hours
- Potsdam (license compulsory), Berlin, Zehdenick , Templin , Fürtsenberg : 170 km, 16 locks, 25 hours

Two weeks
- Fürstenberg , Mirow , Waren , Röbel , Rheinsberg , Neustrelitz , Fürstenberg
260 km, 26 locks, 48 hours

  • Fürstenberg

It is in the heart of the country  Ruppiner  where you will discover  the historic city of  Fürstenberg between the pond of  Müritz  one side and Berlin on the other side of the city. Surrounded by vast areas of water and forests,  Fürstenberg  and its surroundings ally with natural charm and culture and promise you a peaceful and enriching stay.
From towns to villages, you will discover a multitude of small museums, witnesses of their hard past and rich in events. During a ride in the middle of nowhere, you can refresh you mind in peace and will probably cross paths can be hinds, wild boars and even some birds of prey. You can also take advantage of some exceptionally good quality water to bathe in or devote yourself to water sports.
In the evening, you can often benefit from a musical meeting in Castle Theater, or even one of the numerous festivals which take place throughout the summer. Extend your visit to Berlin, only 1: 30nhours  away and investigate the German capital, so rich in historic and cultural treasures.

To see:  The surveillance tower, the music academy, the opera, the ceramics museum, the Wittstock Todesmarsches museum, the museum of lies in Kyritz , the city of Berlin, the very beautiful lakes, with very pure water
To taste:  The fish, the game, the beer
To know:  The certificate of navigation which is given to you after the theoretical and practical instruction is not valid for Berlin
Most important:  The castle of Rheinsberg and its park and the unforgettable sunsets on the lakes

  • Postdam  

Potsdam  is an island surrounded by lakes and forests and located only  25km  from Berlin. It has  500ha  of parks and over 150 buildings which were constructed between 1730 and 1916 and are  recognised  as  World Heritage by UNESCO . The charm of this city lies in its historical  neighbourhoods  which are just waiting to be explored.

To see:  Parks and castles of the city, the Dutch district, the district of the weavers, the tower-observatory of Einstein...
To taste:  Cherries of Werder , specialities containing fish, asparaguses .
To know:   Postdam was elected the “Family Capital” of Germany.
Most Important:  The castle and the park of Babelsberg are protected World Heritage sites.

Navigation on the Havel River 
The Havel River is a tributary of the River Elbe. A long, calm river that traverses an almost inhabitated countryside, it is bordered by many lakes. 

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Tarpon 37 Duo Prestige

4 stars 4 Permanent Berths 2 Temporary Berths
2 Cabins lounge cabin Up to 4/6 peoples Rear cabin: choice between two single berths or one double berth Forward cabin: one double berth Lounge: seat convertible to a double berth Sanitary equipment: two showers ( outdoor shower : Germany, Burgundy and some boats on the Canal du Midi) / two...

Tarpon 42 Trio Prestige

4 stars 6 Permanent Berths 2 Temporary Berths
Very comfortable self-drive boat for a French canal holiday. 3 cabins lounge cabin Two rear cabins: choice between two single berths or one double berth Forward cabin: one double berth Lounge: seat convertible to a double berth Sanitary equipment: three showers / three washbasins / three...

Tarpon 37

3 stars 7 Permanent Berths 2 Temporary Berths
Up to 7/9 people in 3 cabins Forward cabin: one double berth one single berth Rear cabin portside: one double berth with one raised child bunk (on certain models) Rear cabin starboard side: two single bunk beds Lounge: seat convertible to a double berth Sanitary...

Tarpon 42

3 stars 10 Permanent Berths 2 Temporary Berths
Up to 12 peoples 4 Cabins lounge cabin Forward cabin: one double berth 1 raised single berth Middle cabin: one double berth Rear cabin portside: 1 single berth, 2 bunk beds Rear cabin starboard side: one double berth Lounge: seat convertible to a double berth Sanitary equipment: two...