Germany (NIC)

Lübz sympathetic small town with its town centre dating back to the middle ages, is a superb starting base to cruise the navigational area Mecklenburg to Brandenburg with 15 000 hectares of forests, 33 lakes covering over 54 km². the disctrict of Lübz enjoys the most beautiful countryside in this region. The river Elde is navigable for 180 km and has only 17 locks. In only 5 hours it is possible to reach Lake Plau one of the largest lakes in the region, on the northern banks there is a nature reserve of 300 hectares, a paradise for those who love the nature and for the ornithologists.If you sail just 60 kilometres , crossing several lakes on the way, you arrive at Schwerin , the county town, where you can explore its famous castle and other equally well-known attractions.
Even though the well-kept little port of Lübz is situated near the town centre , you will find it peaceful ; there is a small store and all necessary washing facilities. The shops are nearby, or you may prefer to savour the markets, typical to the region, which open their stalls in the town on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The attractions
A quiet region, with many possibilities of cruises on the lakes, rich fauna and flora.

Lübz Nicols base
Blue Line Charter
Stadt Marina Lübz
Schulstrasse 8A
D-19386 LÜBZ


  • between 3 PM and 6 PM for 1 week cruise 
  • from 2 PM for mid-week 
  • from 4 PM for week-end.

  Warning :  keep informed the base in case of delay.

Travel information

By car:

A24 Berlin (175 km)
A24 Hamburg (151 km)

By Plane : 
Hamburg (180 km)
Berlin (220 km)

By Boat: 
Schwerin (70km)

By train
Lübz 1km

150 m
Taxi Schulz

Parking : 
35€ per unit per week

150 m ,  Nahkauf

Tourist – Information der Stadt Lübz
Am Markt 23 D-19386 LÜBZ
Tel. 0049 (0) 38731507420