Burgundy canal & Nivernais (FPP)

At the junction of three canals.

Digoin FPP base
Port de Plaisance « CampionnetGuichard »
Rive Droite
71160 DIGOIN

Phone: 0033 (0)6 71 39 20 38        E-mail: digoin@lescanalous.com

Base manager: Jean Pierre Tralongo


Chalon - Champforgeuil Airport (88 km)
tel  : 03 85 46 14 48
Mâcon - Charnay  Airport (76 km)
tel  : 03 85 34 58 53
Lyon - Saint Exupéry Airport (170 km)
tel : 0 826 800 826

Train Station
Digoin 100 m from the base
T.G.V Le Creusot, then Shuttle - bus to Paray le Monial  (13 km)

SARL Taxi barges  - 4 Impasse Les Brosses - 03510 Chassenard
tel : 03 85 88 50 07
SARL   Charnet - Le Bourg - 03470 Pierrefitte sur  Loire
tel : 06 08 99 92 22

Car rental
Rent a car Europe-location, Centre Commercial, 71160 Digoin
tel : 03 85 88 93 37

Road Access
Direction Digoin Centre, follow the sign : "Port de Plaissance - Rive Droite ", after the bridge turn to the right and to the right again, at the traffic light.

Local food
beef charolais , snails of Burgundy, plate of Canalous (4 fresh water fish), potatoes stuffed with snails of Burgundy

the museum of ceramics, the bridge channel, museum of the costumes


To see: The ceramic museum, the canal bridge, museum of costumes through the ages and the tools of ancient times, the observaloire.

To taste: charolais beef , Burgundy snails, plate of Canalous (4 fresh water fish), potatoes stuffed with Burgundy snails.

To know: Digoin is also crossed by 5 rivers: Arroux, Bourbince, Vouzance, Arconce and the Loire.

Most Important: Snail Festival (1st week end of August). Take a walk along the broad green lane which borders the central canal for 12km between Digion and Paray Le Monial. It roams through a landscape of copses and meadows.

Navigation on the central canal

Initially baptized Charolais canal, the central canal is used as a link between the Loire and the Saone and is 114 km long. It was used for a long time to supply the heavy industries of the area. Equipped with some automated locks, it is a channel pleasant to sail, narrow and winding.

Navigation on the Roanne à Digoin canal

This channel offers a very shaded and very calm way to spend your holiday, encouraging many wild moorings. Close by there is the Brionnais route of Roman churches to explore. Punctuated by only 10 locks, this canal will take you from Roanne to Digion while passing through the Brionnais pastures where the famous, white, Charolais cattle graze.

Navigation on the canal alongside the Loire

With its three canal bridges, the canal alongside the Loire is a peaceful waterway which is punctuated by rare locks. From Digoin to Briare you can meander through the Bourbonnais countryside until you reach Sancerre and Pouilly, home of the famous wines.