Italy (LBO)

You can now explore the northern Venetian lagoon towards Trieste and discover the real Italy from our new base at Precenicco . With chic seaside resorts and sandy beaches, beautiful fishing harbours , excellent restaurants, friendly Osteria ( café-bars ) and beautiful un-crowded waterways and seaside canals, we’re sure this will be a hit with anyone who is looking for something different.

The region is called Friuli , and is located close to the Veneto (Venetian lagoon), in the
north east of the country, close to the Slovenian border. This new cruising region will let
you experience and enjoy a real Italian atmosphere, far removed from our other busier
Venetian itineraries.

Cruising in Friuli is very pretty and peaceful, much more similar to cruising in France, but
with much fewer locks.

Canals are regular and easy to navigate, there is no commercial traffic on these
waterways, and the clean environment and the historic towns along the way will guarantee
you’ll see a completely different aspect of Italy and give you a chance to immerse yourself
into Italian lifestyle and culture.

Different to cruising in the Venetian Lagoon, in Friuli there is a large presence of public
moorings, which allow you to moor your boat without problems during the week, so there
is no need to pay for private marinas.

Canal banks along the sides are low which give excellent views of the surrounding
countryside and villages and there are lots of cycle paths too so you can head off to
explore on two wheels very easily.

The Friuli is very popular, (particularly with German and English tourists) for its beautiful
golden beaches and the clean waters of Lignano , which represent a wonderful attraction
for millions of tourists every year. This is definitely a great destination for sunbathing and
swimming in the sea!

Finally, and very importantly, the region is one of the most important areas in Italy for wine
production, with several D.O.C . products that will delight your palate day after day. Don’t
forget to bring home a large selection of bottles of the famous Collio , to be purchased at
the wine yard close to your departure base.