2011 early-booking discounts ending soon!

Nov 2010

Be sure not to miss out on our 2011 early-booking discounts , which end very soon.

If you know what dates might suit you for a cruise next year, it's worth booking now as you will benefit from discounts of up to 20% on your cruise if you can confirm now.

No need to pay for the whole cruise immediately, a 40% deposit will be enough to secure your dates and ensure you pay less than if you book later.

Why miss out? You can spend the money you save now on some nice meals during your trip!

New boat in Venice! Nouveau bateau à Venise!

Oct 2010

Sleek, sexy and stylish – the new, Italian-built Minuetto has been purpose-built for cruising in the Venetian Lagoon and is now available. 

With plenty of top deck space to enjoy the sights, the Minuetto becomes your private floating hotel with everything on board for a perfect boating vacation. 

Comfortably able to sleep 6 people and with space for 2 more on the convertible settee in the saloon, she is also able to accommodate wheelchair users through the ingenious use of an internal lifting platform and a specially adapted wheelchair.

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